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No High Sales Pressure.
Firm Quotes. GUARANTEED.

My Father Was A Painter.
My Grandfather Was A Carpenter.

You Could Say Remodeling “Runs In My Blood”…
But It’s Also My Genuine, Unwavering PASSION.

Since 1986, My Love For Home-Improvement Is How I Have Provided Over 1,500 Carol Stream-Area Homeowners With An On-Time, On-Budget, Immaculately-Built Remodel.

Does it really matter how a remodeler FEELS about remodeling? Maybe that’s an odd question—but I think it’s an extremely important one.

Here’s why: Too many contractors simply “fall into remodeling” because they think it’s easy money or couldn’t figure out what to do for a living. These kinds of remodelers have no passion for the business—and it shows in their lack of quality work and service.

My father was a painter and my grandfather was a carpenter—so you could say I also “fell into” remodeling. But, just like my father and grandfather, home improvement is MUCH more than a “just a job” to me—it’s my passion. I genuinely LOVE helping people achieve their remodeling dreams in Carol Stream, St. Charles and Glen Ellyn.

That’s why I strive to perform every part of your project to perfection. It doesn’t matter if you’re hard to please. My mission is to provide you with EXACTLY what you want. “Obsession with detail” is the norm at Lotz Renovations. Simply put, we don’t consider the job done—until it’s done to your 100% satisfaction.

My insistence on the perfect remodel also extends to how I treat you. For example, I absolutely HATE sales pressure. I once had a vacuum salesman in my home pitching his product to me for almost 3 hours. I eventually told him he needed to leave—I just couldn’t take it anymore.

The truth is that I can’t stand high-pressure pitches and salesmen who just don’t take “no” for an answer. That’s why I am completely honest and upfront with you. I won’t beg, haggle, and tell you only what you want to hear just to win the job. YOU call the shots.

It’s true—I am a remodeler by birth. But, because of my passion for helping people, I remain a remodeler by choice. If you’re looking for a remodeler near Carol Stream who truly cares about your project—and who respects your time, money, and home—contact us today.

Lotz Renovations
Articles Of Faith

Expert Design: Our “bird’s-eye-view” design gives you a project you’ll love. On time. On budget.

World-Class Craftsmanship: Not “done right”… but “done EXACTLY right.”

Written Labor Warranty: We guarantee our work—in writing—for 3 full years.

We Value Your Time: For us, early is on time, on-time is late, and late is unacceptable.

Common Courtesy: Our professional installers protect your belongings and show complete respect for your home.

No Pricing Games: You get one price—
the right one.

Flexible Financing: Improving your home should be affordable. Let us help.